Specializing in true crime and other dark stuff

Fernanda is a sunny person who is fascinated by the dark side of humanity: cults, conspiracies, scandals, political corruption ... anything for which there's a circle in hell. Mysteries, secret societies, schemes and fraud are high on the list, too. Chilling examinations of the human condition really hit the spot for her.

She's a seasoned editor who you can count on to hit the ground running, help craft the story and solve problems creatively. She has an intuitive sense of rhythm and knows how to build dramatic tension without going over the top.

Being a good editor is as much about being a gold star teammate as having technical chops. Fernanda is committed, upbeat ... a friend in the edit bay and beyond. 

Fernanda was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She studied film creative writing at Hampshire College, MA and moved to California in 2017. She's a member of ACE (American Cinema Editors), the ADE (Alliance of Documentary Editors) and EDT (Brazilian Editor's Association).



Girl in the Picture (True Crime feature)


Accident, Suicide or Murder (True Crime – S3)


Judgment with Ashleigh Banfield (True Crime – S1)

Court TV

Amanda to the Rescue (Docusoap – S2)

Nominated for Best Animal Nature Show, Critic’s Choice Real TV Awards

Animal Planet

Gacy, The Killer Clown  (True Crime – Mini series)


Dahmer, Killer Cannibal  (True Crime – Mini series)


Favela Frontlines  (Feature doc)

Globo Networks

Donkmaster (Follow Docureality – S1)


Olympic & Paralympic Games  (Trailers, Spots, Sport docs)

Olympic Broadcasting Services

The Voice Kids (Brazil – S1 & 2)

Nominated (twice): Best Non-Scripted Entertainment, Emmy International

Globo Networks

Ghostbait (Paranormal – S1)

Travel Channel

Queen of Brazil (Feature doc)                                                                                              

Nominated for Best Documentary, Zurich International Film Festival

Winner of Best Film, NY Brazilian Film Festival

Canal Brasil // Theatrical

Rio Rescue  (Follow Docureality – S1)

Discovery Channel

O Infiltrado  (Investigative Docusoap – S2)

History Channel

Shark Terror, The Story Behind Jaws  (Limited Docuseries)


Weird, True and Freaky  (Reality Clip show – S4)

Animal Planet

Food Markets  (Limited Docuseries)

TV Brasil

Capoeira Circle (Short doc)


LieLand  (Short fiction)

PBS // Cannes